Cervical Cancer: What you have to know and What to do to prevent

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is also in the list of diseases responsible for mortality in Bangladesh.

Therefore, to prevent cancer at an early stage, it is necessary to have good information about its symptoms. However, the expectation is that complications can be avoided by identifying the disease in the early stages and taking the necessary treatment. There are some that we have no control over, and there are some that we can change with life. This requires raising public awareness; In fact, a lot of cancers can be controlled through regular movement. So, our discussion focuses on cancer.

Cervical Cancer
Cervical Cancer | Photo by : Pixabay

Dr. K.K.F. Oncology, a guest at the 19th episode of Class World Class Cancer Treatment Now in Bangladesh. Confusion Afroza Lucky, MBBS, M. Phil (radiotherapy), oncologist, assistant professor and head, Radiotherapy Department, Rangpur Medical College and hospital. The theme of this program is: Cervical Cancer.

The show was broadcast live on the Facebook page of Prothom Aloe and SKF. Dr. were in charge of the demonstration. Md. Shahyar Islam.

Dr. Jahan Afrosa Lucky said, “The uterus is where we are in the womb. And the cancer that occurs from its mouth is cervical cancer. We become well regulated humans through the mitosis cell division. When this systematic division of the body is interrupted in any way, uncontrolled cell division occurs. When it is uncontrolled cell division, a lump or wheel is formed in the body. It can be benign, it can also be fatal. Suave is usually harmless, but incurable is harmful. So, we will have a deadly discussion. If a lump is formed in the cervical cells, it is called cervical cancer.

It ranks second in our country. Earlier it was in the first position, now its condition has improved slightly due to the discovery of vaccines and increasing awareness. According to a 2016 World Health Organization study, around 560,000 people worldwide have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and about 311,000 of them have died. In Bangladesh, about 12,000 new patients are identified every year and about 6,000 of them die. This means that about half of the identified patients die. This is a picture of cervical cancer in Bangladesh and around the world. However, the expectation is that proper treatment will cure cervical cancer completely and is the only cancer for which a vaccine has been discovered.

Uncontrolled menstruation is one of the symptoms of cervical cancer. It may be different. For example, an excess of menstruation every month or intermittent bleeding between the two periods. Then, many people are bleeding after intercourse. If any of these symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a gynaecologist. In addition, white or red discharge may be excreted. In some cases pus may be removed.

There are many cancer patients who are indifferent to treatment. In this case, raising awareness is most important. It can be seen that in most cases, they have long been suffering from cancer or bring various complex symptoms to an advanced level. At present, we also have an advanced treatment system for cancer in our country. Therefore, treatment should be carried out as soon as the symptoms appear, according to the advice of an experienced physician.

If the cancer has spread to the bladder or any other part of the body, irritation of the urinary tract may occur. Pain in the bowel can be felt in many cases. Some people have pain in the back of the groin or in the lower abdomen. When it reaches a more advanced stage, the cancer spreads to the kidneys. Many have water legs or anemia. It is difficult to move. Sometimes it spreads to the lungs or other parts of the body.

Some things should be taken care of to prevent cervical cancer. For example: not marrying any girl before the age of 18, not taking birth control pill for more than 5 years, prevention of polygamy, etc. Cervical cancer is also caused by smoking, sexually transmitted diseases or uncleanliness. So, they should be avoided. Without it, you have to vaccinate on time.

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