Mass Media: The Role of Media in Bangladesh

Media is a mirror of social life. It is now a part of our life, society. The influence of media at the present time is undoubtedly universally recognized. The history of the world we live in today is the subject of the media of that day.

Every moment, every task, every little event of our ongoing life is reflected in the media. That is why the media has an unwavering relationship with life and society.

The Role of Media in Bangladesh
The Role of Media in Bangladesh

On the one hand, the media is portraying the current image of society and, on the other, it is breaking, creating, and influencing the traditional social order.

The History of Mass Media in Bangladesh

The first regular newspaper was published in Germany in 1809. In 1802, daily quarantine was published in Britain. The first newspaper in the Indian subcontinent was published in 180 – Bengal Gazette.

The first newspaper published in Bengal was the Bengal Gazette in 1818. Rangpur Bartab was first published in the then East Bengal in 1847. The discovery of radio in 1894, film in 1919 and television in 1925 revolutionised the world of mass media. The first radio broadcast in Bangladesh began in 1939 and began TV broadcasting in 1984.

There are three kinds of media in terms of publication and publicity. First, print media such as newspapers, books, magazines. Secondly, electronic media like radio, TV, films. Thirdly, ‘New Media’. This is a new concept about media.

he incredible success of information technology has resulted in a variety of active and effective means of communication. like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Their features and roles are similar to other media. So, they are called new media.

This includes online newspapers. Media use in our lives has now become an inevitable issue. When we wake up in the morning, we are reading magazines, listening to the radio to get instant news, watching TV. I am using radio, TV, movies, books for entertainment in my spare time.

People mainly use the media for four purposes. To get information about something, to entertain, and to be motivated. Now, most people around the world use one form or the other.

The Duties of Mass Media

The media has some responsibility towards the society and culture and the people of the country. The responsibility of the media is to bring the traditional social system to the fore. So that human beings can know their society properly.

It is also the responsibility of the media to highlight the existing anomalies. One of the responsibilities of the media is to provide people with accurate and accurate information through honesty, fairness, balance and a high level of professionalism.

It is the responsibility of the media to tell the people about the ideals, values, and culture of the society so that self-control can be done within the existing institutions and the legal framework of the society can be implemented. It is the responsibility of the media to refrain from transmitting information of crime, violence, and public discontent.

The Impact of Mass Media

At the present time, due to the extreme excellence and role of the media, we have become much more media oriented. As a result, we are constantly getting influenced by the media. The media keeps the people aware of the present situation. People are being briefed about everything that happens in a moment.

The impact of the media on people and society is so great that the media can see any issue of the people in a positive way and also in a negative way. When the United States invaded Iraq, Western media reported that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And it is a threat to world security.

As a result, public opinion was formed in favor of the attack. But it was later observed that the media propaganda was wrong. The media can create public awareness among the people. Again, the media can cause chaos and chaos in society with inaccurate and distorted information. The media can also make a small issue bigger through its presentation.

The Mass Media in Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh got independence in 1971, the media of this country could not become independent. The Printing and Publications Act of 1973 and the Special Powers Act of 1974 prohibit the freedom of the media.

Although the law was amended in 1991, the media system was not preserved. Since independence, the state media has been under the control of both democratic and authoritarian regimes. Every government has used Bangladesh television and Bangladesh wireless for its own benefit.

There has been an unprecedented media revolution in Bangladesh since 2000. Now, the number of newspapers announced is about 1598. There are more than two dozen private TV channels. Private radio is now more than a dozen.

In addition, online media has been developed. But there is no transparency in licensing them. Black money owners, land grabbers, unscrupulous businessmen, politicians. As a result, it is not public interest, but a personal interest that is prevalent in the media. Minority, women, pluralistic groups have been neglected in the media.

Questions have also been raised on the integrity, fairness, ethics, and professionalism of our media. So overall, the media system in Bangladesh is dismal.

The media has to be a benefactor. To ensure public interest, the media will have to work for the welfare of the people.

The media should be established as a people’s spokesperson and not as a government or a boss. The Government should not control the media. If the media is allowed to work independently, it can play a role in the development of the country.

Being accountable to society and the country, the media will have to decide its action plan. Objectively, everything should be presented to everybody. Only then can the media serve as a medium for the general public.

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People have a strong attraction towards the media. The information from the media is a great source of our knowledge. Because of the media, we know what is happening in the world. Even though it is too far away, everything is going right before our eyes.

Which is possible only for the benefit of the media. But this media is as positive as it is negative for us. So, as human beings, we have to decide with our judgment that we will be influenced by certain aspects of the media.

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