The Panic Over Formalin and the situation of Bangladesh

Science and technological advances are undoubtedly the greatest admonitions of human civilization. The welfare-oriented purpose behind all the discoveries of science.

One chemical element after another is being created in science and technology research to speed up human life.

Formalin and its effect in Bangladesh

Formalin is one of them. Although the purpose of making formalin is positive, it is currently being used in negative activities, and in the current market, all the essential food items of human life are covered in the toxic shadow of formalin. As a result, there is an evil panic in the public mind.

What is formalin

The polymer of chemical formaldehyde is called formalin, the chemical sign of which is CH_ {2} O. Formalin is considered to be a 30-40% aqueous solution of formalin dehydrate. Formal dehydration is usually of two types. The first is a colorless gas and the second resembles white powder.

It is not clear if both types of formal dehydration dissolve easily in water. However, the presence of formal dehydration can be detected in any product through proper testing. Formal dehydration is an organic compound with a combination of methanol and formic acid. All materials related to formalin are fatal to the human body.

Discovery of Formalin

Formaldehyde or formalin was discovered by Russian chemist Alexander Batlarov. He started his work in 1859. However, full formality was discovered in 189. German chemist August Wilhelm von Hoffman completed the search. First they produced formal dehydration through catalytic oxidation of methanol. They use a mixture of iron and vanadium oxide as a common catalyst. This whole process of making formality is called the Formix method in the language of science.

Use of Formalin

The use of formality has increased exponentially since the discovery. The demand for formlin for versatility is growing very fast. However, the main use of formalin is to preserve any perishable goods. The use of formal dehydration is very effective in eliminating bacteria.

The use of formaldehyde exists in various medical applications. In addition, the formal form is used in textiles, plastics, paper, paints, construction, and preservation of corpses. Formalin is used as a bacterial in medicine to increase the immunity of the body.

Pharmalin is often used in the manufacture of drugs to prevent the attack of the desired virus. Formal dehydration is widely used to artificially protect cells and tissues. Formal dehydration solution with sulfuric acid is used to test various drugs and alcohol levels. After all, formaldehyde is one of the most scientifically used chemicals.

Benefits of Formalin

Formal or formal dehydration is a unique discovery in science. The beneficial properties of formalin are as follows:

  • Plays a role in the decomposition of chemical and organic substances.
  • Prevents the attack of bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps to keep the efficiency of industrial machinery running.
  • Preserves corpses.
  • Destroys harmful bacteria to protect the properties of the drug.
  • Helps keep cells or tissues artificially alive.

Formalin in food

Formal dehydration was discovered for the benefit of humans, but its use over time took a different turn. At one time people started using formality in various negative activities. Currently the use of formalin in food has become a common phenomenon. Poisonous formalins are being used in everything from fish to vegetables and even fruits. Although formalin as preservative is very useful, it is poisonous in the form of food. Formally colorless and tasteless, so it’s not clear.

But we can understand it only when we are a little aware. The presence of formlin in food products can be confirmed in various ways. The following methods are:

Formic acid is produced from formaldehyde by mixing 3% hydrogen peroxide into water after washing the suspected food. To prove this, they added a little mersentric chloride to the water and a white coating on the bottom. This is a testimony to formality in food.

Wash the fish with formalin and mix 1 cc sodium nitropoxide in its water to make the water thick green-blue. It also proves the existence of formality.

Harmful Effects of Formalin

Eating food mixed with formalin has a serious harmful effect on the human body. The harmful aspects of formality are the following:

  • Destroys the cells of the retina in the eye.
  • Infection of various diseases including abdominal pain, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath, indigestion, diarrhea, ulcers, skin diseases can occur.
  • Destructive effects on the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain.
  • The memory may be impaired.
  • There is a risk of cancer in the abdomen, lungs, and bronchi.
  • Formic acid increases the acidity in the blood. As a result, breathing becomes abnormal.
  • Complications and birth defects can occur during childbirth.
  • The immune system of the body is disrupted.
  • It pushes people to the brink of inevitable death.

How we should Stop Formalin in Food

Feeding people by mixing formalins in food is almost like killing them. This is because formalin poisoning causes a person to die slowly, if not immediately. It is a matter of time to stop the application of formality in food on emergency basis.
Here’s what to do:

  • The Government should formulate stringent policies on the import of formalin.
  • Easy availability of chemicals should be prevented.
  • There is a need to create social awareness.
  • Proper implementation of the law on the offense of mixing formality in food is very important.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that no one other than a licensed company has the opportunity to make formal imports.
  • There is a need to create food testing opportunities in the market.
  • Formally stopping in food should ensure exemplary punishment of the offender concerned.

Above all, formality can be prevented in the diet through the implementation of appropriate and effective measures by the authorities.

Formalin or formaldehyde polymer is invented to store reasonably perishable goods. Although it was to be used for positive purposes, it is now being used solely for negative purposes.

As a result, people are now frightened where formality was going to benefit mankind. The use of formalin has now created a lot of discomfort in the minds of the people. The dishonest mindset of some people has put human life in serious danger. However, it is possible to solve this problem in time by taking appropriate steps.

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