Bangladesh on the Highway of Information Technology: The Context and Perspective

The present era is the age of information technology. In this era, every country in the world has become directly and indirectly dependent on information technology.

Every country in the world today has made life easier and more accessible by conducting all its activities through information technology. Thereafter, the air of information technology has started to be booked in Bangladesh also.

Bangladesh on the Highway of Information Technology

Although the process in Bangladesh has started late, we should think about the development of our country as soon as possible and implement information technology in all sectors.

Bangladesh has been providing services to national and international telecommunications since its inception.

Prior to the introduction of communication satellite technology, international telephone services were provided using HF technology, which had very limited capabilities.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman The country’s first ground satellite station was launched on 14th June 1975 at Bethbunia in Kukhali Upjila in Rangmati district. Thereafter, 3 more satellite stations were started at Talibanpost, Mohakhali, and Sylhet.

To enhance internet and ICT activities in the private sector in the country, V-Sat was used in the country with satellite stations in the 90s and later opened the use of V-Sat.

Meanwhile, as per the decision of the ICT Task Force to expand the international network as per the telecom policy of the Government of Bangladesh, arrangements have been made to connect Bangladesh with global information superhighways through international telecom policy.

Bangladesh signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an association of 18 companies from 14 countries in South East Asia, the middle east, and western Europe to implement the project in 2002.

Types and features of information technology in Bangladesh

The great feature of information technology is that it is a powerful enough technology that can be used and controlled by the common man. Through this technique, people can easily conquer distances.

It is possible to instantly exchange words, pictures and text from one end of the earth to the other. It is a technology that people can master and contribute to in any part of the world.

New jobs are being created through this technology. Most of the new jobs created by it are particularly useful for poor countries. Nobody has to go to town to work through this technology; Rather, they may engage in new types of earning activities from where they are.

Through this technology, there is no hindrance in providing employment to all educated and illiterate people.

Creating Potential in Export and Trade

With the continued expansion of export trade, information technology can largely open the doors to possibilities. The truth is easily proved by looking at different countries of the world.

Neighbouring India has come a long way in this regard. Currently, a large part of India’s MAT export trade comes from the software industry. It can be said with certainty that this industry will soon surpass the income earned from the garment industry.

Trade relations with the international community

In addition to information technology export software, it will open many more avenues to earn foreign exchange. The main driving force of information technology is low-paying trained manpower. The less trained manpower that can be built in this system, the more work can be brought from abroad.
It is not a problem to build manpower anywhere. If there is any demand, there will be no delay in making it appropriate to take that opportunity. If even 5% of the amount of IT business in developing countries of the world can be done in our country, there will be no dearth of employment for the people of our country.

What to do in spreading information technology

There is a need to strengthen telephone and internet structures for dissemination of information technology. To ensure information technology for all, telephone service has to be left to the private sector.

In this case, BTTB can be converted into a commercial entity and a fixed telephone area can be opened for private sector investment. The telephone can be the most effective tool to bring dynamism to the economy of the country.

If it has to go ahead, the private entrepreneurs have to be protected. To establish the free flow of information technology in our country, we need to immediately open the International Gateway of Telephones, so that any business in the country can legally conduct this business.

Taking and implementing these steps will encourage international communication and INFORMATION Technology business and benefit the country in its outstanding benefits.

Internet Spread in Rural Areas

The cheaper the telephone and the Internet, the more the common people reach the door- door. People will be able to use their information technology to solve their problems as well as increase their efficiency.

Therefore, the government’s goal should be to encourage private entrepreneurs to bring information technology to the doorsteps of the people.

The Government should not aim to increase revenue by collecting taxes from setting up and operating information technology infrastructure. The government’s goal should be to encourage rapid expansion of information technology and create more competition.

Development of education, health, and economic sectors

Apart from international trade and commerce, IT can create many opportunities for the people of the country.

Since no one needs to pass school-college to use this technique, it is possible to use this technique immediately. An illiterate person who has never heard of information technology in his life will be able to use this technology without fear. Information technology, healthcare, knowledge, and science are all able to reach. It needs initiative and honesty.

Overcoming the shortage of submarine cables, inadequacy of telephones, internet limitations and bandwidth inadequacy can ensure all kinds of services required for human survival.

The present government has lifted the ban on the use of railway fiber optics, making an important resource open to the public. This is a great opportunity for information technology.

As a result, the Prime Minister and other Ministers will be able to sit in their offices and hold a face-to-face meeting with the officials of any place in the country. Doctors in Dhaka city will be able to treat fury in other cities. Businessmen from Dhaka will be able to make professional inquiries by sitting face-to-face with innumerable businessmen across the country or collecting their necessary information through the Internet.

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Final World

To keep pace with the world in this age of information technology, Bangladesh needs to ensure the expansion and development of information technology.

Information technology should be introduced in every district and police station of the country. Only then will people be able to start the development of the country by improving their standard of living by using information technology.

Therefore, it is necessary to have detailed information of all concerned, including the Government, in this regard.

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