Arsenic Contamination in drinking water: Bangladesh Perspective

Drinking water in the world is the elixir of civilization. But in the current era, due to the rising levels of arsenic contamination in drinking water worldwide for various reasons, this has become a cause of particular concern to scientists.

There are discussions around the world about this tangible problem like the crisis of civilization. The presentation of our report today is not intended to highlight specific aspects of this global problem.

Water is the most important common element in everything in this universe. Nothing on earth can be made of water. Perhaps that is why water is essential for the existence of this earth. Similarly, drinking water is most essential for the survival of human civilization. It is impossible for man to survive without drinking water.

Arsenic Contamination
Arsenic Contamination

Therefore, drinking water in the world should be clean, pure and readily available. But now, in the ubiquitous era of modern civilization, there is a crisis of drinking water, which is essential for human existence. Like other water sources in the world, pollution levels in drinking water are rising.

Drinking water is the most important arsenic contamination in these levels of pollution. This pollution is gradually crippling the entire civilization by hitting the core of human life every day, every moment.

Drinking water on earth

The first question that comes to mind when discussing the pollution of drinking water is that if the water is a common element in the world, what exactly does drinking water mean. In fact, there are different forms of water in this world. The world’s oceans have the world’s highest water.

In addition, canals, ponds, rivers and canals spread all over the world have a lot of water. While this type of water can be taken as a drink for other members of the animal kingdom, it is impossible for humans. This is because such water contains various metals and other chemicals, which are particularly harmful to the human body.

Therefore, humans need a certain amount of balanced water, which will help in the development of human life and the body. This type of water is called drinking water. There can be different types of drinking water sources in the world. If there is any drinking water, drinking water can be treated as drinking water.

Problems due to lack of drinking water

Human civilization faces countless small and big problems every day every moment. But it is a human civilization that is able to overcome all those problems. One such water problem for mankind is the lack of adequate drinking water. Drinking water is the main source of human existence.

But as a result of the arbitrary and uncontrolled exploitation of man of nature, most of the world’s drinking water reserves today have been depleted, and a large part of what is left is particularly polluted.

Many scientists around the world are constantly working to eliminate this problem arising out of the shortage of drinking water. Of these, it is noteworthy that the rest of the water is tried to be destroyed. Most of those pollutants are arsenic.

Outbreak of arsenic

Arsenic is the 20th element on the earth’s surface. The first mention of arsenic in history is found in the strategy of the Roman Emperor Nero. He used arsenic to destroy his enemies in the war.

This shows how dangerous arsenic can be for a man as a substance. Arsenic is present on the surface of various metals.

For a variety of reasons, this metal substance is mixed with groundwater and causes pollution in particular. According to the World Health Organization, drinking water can contain a maximum of 10 ppb 0.1 micro grams per liter of arsenic.

If the amount of arsenic in drinking water is higher than that, it should be considered an outbreak of arsenic. The highest level of arsenic found in West Bengal alone is 36,000 micrograms/kg. Is liter.

Causes of arsenic contamination

Arsenic contamination in drinking water can occur due to various reasons. However, shallow tubewells and uncontrolled absorption of groundwater in developing countries around the world are the main causes of arsenic contamination. In all these countries, water is used in agriculture through shallow tube wells and pumps.

In addition, if arsenite compounds are found in flood-prone areas at different times, arsenic pollution in water is also likely. In addition, when the amount of oxygen evaporates due to excess heat evaporation during drought, there is a plethora of arsenite compounds and it dissolves in water.

Consequences of arsenic in drinking water

The outbreak of arsenic in drinking water can be extremely harmful to all the people of the concerned region. Prolonged intake of water contaminated with arsenic can cause a painful death. The first evidence of death due to arsenic contamination in drinking water is found in Chile, South America.

Anthropological discoveries have shown that arsenic contamination of drinking water in Chile killed countless people, especially children, about six to seven thousand years ago. Today, millions of people in nearly 20 countries around the world are affected by arsenic contamination in drinking water.

What is more worrying is that these countries are headed by developing countries of Asia like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc. However, the use of groundwater in these countries continues unabated. As a result, every year innumerable people suffer from various deadly diseases due to pollution and many of them die.

Way to easily prevented

Arsenic infection in drinking water can be easily prevented. However, this process requires proper awareness of the spread of arsenic at every level of society. Modern research has shown that it is possible to free drinking water from arsenic in many ways. The most important discovery in this regard has been made by scientists from Jadavpur University.

The way they searched is very simple and economical. Filters made of three pottery can also be used if water needs to be arsenic-free for a short time. But for all this, people should first be made aware of arsenic contamination and its widespread harmful aspects. All the Governments of all countries affected by arsenic contamination have undertaken various programs for this purpose.

Arsenic contamination in drinking water is a widespread problem for the entire human race of the world. It is not impossible that if this problem is not solved immediately, the future of all mankind will be bleak. Lack of water can wipe out mankind, and drinking contaminated water can cause extremely painful death.

So in need of the world, in need of civilization, we should all be novices in trying to release arsenic in drinking water and spread awareness. That pure form of water must be brought back; Accepting thirsty people without hesitation will give full satisfaction.

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